The road to purpose: exploration and choice

Are we all born with some innate purpose that we are meant to fulfill in this lifetime, or are we simply supposed to create our own purpose?

It seems some are born with some innate direction in life, fixing them internally on a goal or direction without ever wavering. These individuals know from a young age their purpose in life and do everything in their power to pursue, and eventually achieve their goals.

Most of us are not so lucky to have been born with such a powerful sense of duty and drive. In fact, it seems that many of us feel overwhelmed by the fact of having to choose any sort of path in life, and of all of the many directions our life could take. Most of us end up either passively falling into a path, or even arbitrarily choosing a path for the sheer sake of necessity.

Another question comes to mind- are there some who are born simply to explore many different paths in life? To be natural-born explorers, thinkers, adventurers? Those who never settle on just one set path, but who travel down many different roads instead?

And is it more fulfilling to find a path, stick with it, fully master a profession or skill and make that your life’s work, or is it instead more fulfilling to explore many different trades, occupations and lifestyles instead of settling on something more concrete?

Of course, the question of fulfillment and satisfaction is probably totally up to the individual and what they feel fulfills them personally, but these are questions that I am mulling over in my own mind.

I fall into the latter category- I have spent my young adulthood exploring several different professions, travelling, and overall trying to figure out my own path in life. So far, I have discovered a lot of things that I do like, and don’t like, but I haven’t found the illuminating answers or sense of direction that I had hoped to stumble upon.

So, am I just supposed to pick a path and hope that it turns into something I truly enjoy? Or should I wait for some sort of sign, some sort of inner-direction or light bulb to go off?

What are your experiences?


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