Aside: Respect Your Dharma

Last night I had a dream:

In the dream, there was a girl who was being chased by a group of men.

At one point I took myself to be the girl.

At another point, I saw clearly I was only observing her.

The perpetrators began circling in on the girl and I watched as they moved in for their attack on her.

At once, I awoke from the dream and was safe from the disturbing scene that had seemed to be unfolding.

I began contemplating what I had just noticed; I was not the girl, nor the men, nor was I the “I” whom I take myself to be in daily life during this display of the dream—I was watching all of this. The daily personality was not present.

I had awoken from a dream into another dream, I saw. But still, I could not get at the One that is aware of all dreaming. It is clear that I am the watcher, but the separate identity prevails– and that is all a part of the path.

I sit and sit, and read and read, for hours on end—hoping to get at It. But alas, the truth evades me.

Now is not the time to sit! Now is not the time to read! Now is the time to fulfill my dharma.

For everything there is a season- a season to recluse from the world, and a season to engage. A season for contemplation and a season for cultivation. Do not thwart the divine’s plan to fulfill its play of creation through you—go and play! But know when it is time to recede from the playing.

At times, we grow through silence and seclusion. At times we grow from the pangs and pains of desires fulfilled or unfulfilled. At times we grow from the utter beauty of experience.

Always keep in mind the highest goal, through any experience. Always keep in mind the purpose of your existence—to realize the highest truth of your being.

Trust in the power that knows the way. Effort is important and it is also a part of the path but realize when certain exertions may be futile and in vain.

Love this unfolding; nurture it; grow with it.

We all have our dharma to fulfill. Yes, we are truly outside of the dharma, but until this is fully realized, which it is not yet, the dharma is also part of the path to awakening. Respect the dharma of others and respect your own dharma.


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