Aside: The Caterpillar and the Butterfly

I tell you these things and craft these words in hopes that we both may heal together on this journey.

Now, listen, the following words are a true story. From this experience, in addition to many others, I have learned that the signs of love and the opportunities for healing and growth are all around us, if only we pay attention. Let us try to wipe the dust from our eyes together.

One day, I was walking alone through a forested park near my home. I walk here often to connect with nature and gain clarity from its simplicity.

On this day, as on many other days, I was feeling rather disillusioned about life and my direction in it. I was ruminating upon troubling thoughts: Am I taking the right path or not? How do I know whether or not I am making the correct decisions for my future? –Questions of this nature plagued me and disturbed all sense of peace.

Suddenly, I noticed something rare, unusual, and stunningly beautiful. On the trunk of a large tree to the left of me, rested a colorful and brilliant butterfly. This butterfly, although captivating and certainly gorgeous, was not the rare, unusual and stunningly beautiful discovery I had found though.

It was, that exactly next to the butterfly on this towering tree, rested a caterpillar.

How often is it that one is able to witness the beautiful, incredible irony of a butterfly and a caterpillar resting right next to each other  on the same tree in peaceful harmony?

I knew in this instance that what I was looking at was a gift and a sign from beyond. As we all know, butterflies are the end result of a caterpillar’s personal evolution. I believe this sight was there to remind me to trust my own evolution, in my current state as a caterpillar- for one day, before I know it, and before we all know it, we will evolve into that graceful butterfly.

This is where we all stand: most of us are caterpillars, making an uncertain, sometimes frightening journey of evolving into our destiny of becoming a butterfly.

Before its final transformation, a caterpillar must enclose itself in a dark cocoon where it must face the utter unknown, where it must shed its former identity and merge into something completely new.

Eventually, this creature that we once called a caterpillar miraculously morphs itself and emerges as something entirely different– yet essentially of the same nature. It emerges as its own absolute potential, a beautiful butterfly.

Take heed from this story, and in your darkest hours, see yourself as that caterpillar on its journey to become a butterfly. Trust in your own evolution and in the experiences you must go through in order to shed that which no longer serves you.


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