Aside: Divine Medicine

Often times, medicine tastes horrible,

But it helps you nonetheless!

Thus, the trials and tribulations in our lives, my dear,

Are the Divine’s form of

Icky, thick, syrupy, red cough suppressant,

Given to you in hopes that eventually

It might soothe your incessant movement of discomfort!

Let us try to take our medicine with thankful hearts;

Let us try to find the joy beneath all of the pain and confusion!

For we are all constantly

Being worked on

By God’s very own fingertips.

Growing, evolving

Toward the vision of unity that IS

And all that ever truly was.

We all intertwine,


Fall apart,

And crash into one another,

To serve as God’s divine medicine,

For each one of our betterment!

I know beautiful child,

Its’ hard to see past the tears that are fogging your vision,

And so difficult to dig beneath the many layers of pain and confusion,

To find that treasure chest within.

But take my hand,

trust my words,

And let’s forgive this dream together.


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