Aside: All Which is Not That

In the silence,

I am healed-

In the world,

I am gobbled up

And spit out.

I long to love the world, this messy ball of wax-

Wholly and completely,

And to realize Myself

As outside of the entire ball of wax!

You, who hates your own idea of me, and laughs at its expense-

I long to embrace you with unconditional love,

And to no longer resist your own divine affection,

In it’s convincing disguise of hate.

You, who scorns my earthly name and plots for my defeat-

I long to bring you peace

With the knowledge that we both share

The same exact home!

We have forgotten our equal dwelling place

Due to the thief who broke in so long ago-

Causing such a large commotion,

And who hasn’t left since!

Let’s join forces and catch him,

You and I,

I think he’s hiding in one of the hidden closets of our heart!

I long to love my neighbor,

Without a hint of disdain,

And to remain in peace,

Without a hint of greed.

But, for now, I witness the weakness of this flesh,

And the weakness of this mind,

And pray earnestly to be emptied of all

Which is not



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