Waiting for my Beloved

Here I sit and I wait for my Beloved to return to me.

Though strain and striving will not bring Him back to me,
the heart cannot help but plot with the mind in efforts to bring Him back.
In silent observance we seek to spot and remove the obstacles that appear to  keep us from Him,
Yet, its seems the stronger our seeking,
The more elusive is His Presence.
The smaller version of Myself screams and spins around in a panicked fury,
Longing to merge with it’s Master, it’s Home.
Yet He smiles, compassionately, dispassionately and Speaks:
Have patience, my dear one, all will be revealed in due time.
There is still yet more to understand, more love and humility to be cultivated.
So, with the slight exasperation of a perturbed teenager,
I attempt to follow His direction, though He speaks in barely audible whispers.
With difficulty, I muster the energy to Love this part of Myself which I perceive to hold “me” back from Him, from the Truth;
For the wisdom arises that it is only out of ignorance that suffering is born,
And all things, even the ignorant and destructive- deserve Unconditional Love.
Thus, we who walk this road, which very few dare to tread,
Are faced with the path of the Head or the path of the Heart.
Thus far, it seems I’ve had one foot in each.
Yet, the feeling is arising that the path of the Head is no longer serving me, And the path of the Heart will now lead me to my ultimate Destination.
For it is Awareness that allows all things to be,
But it is Love that causes all things to move.

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