(This Life is) Breaking and Building

Image Warm fireplace.

Soft Blanket.

Your skin.

Laugh brimming with joy.

Your hand in mine.

I am responsible.

Did I make the right choices?

Thank you for all of this.

The quiet night:

So forgiving

and allowing

of the thoughts in my head to spill outwards

and fill every crevace of the black,



I can allow myself to wonder

about the many roads:

roads long past,

roads on the horizon–

twisting  and turning

into an unknowable fate.

I can allow myself

to be


with the gratitude

and the love

and the grace

that arises

                             from whence all things arise.

And was I fashioned according to your plan?

Here a breath sprouts,

a heart beats steadily,

now quickly.

There a heart breaks.

A breath shortens

and abates

until silence


          And sometimes

           I wish this never would end.

While others,

I wish it never would have began.

Breaking and building;

This life is

breaking and building;


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