Change Begins With You


I was inspired today by the following two quotes from a documentary I saw, called Fuel, which discusses the benefit of the United State’s nation-wide use of a wide-range of renewable energy and bio-fuels:

“People feel that they’re not important, they’ve been made to feel that they don’t count, when in fact– they’re the only thing that counts. The genius of America is not in big corporate power, it’s not in big government, it’s in the people who understand this notion of the common good.”


“I know that change occurs, not just because of some monumental thing, but from an individual saying ‘you know what, I’m gonna make a change’… It’s the power of the individual, to affect their perimeter of friends, and then each of those people have a perimeter of friends, and that’s the way this whole revolution takes place.”

These quotes bring me inspiration not necessarily because they were spoken in the context of a revolution in the United State’s use of energy, but because they sparked a deep realization within me, or perhaps something that I’ve always known, that we’ve all known, but have forgotten over time…

This realization is that we MATTER!

We, as individuals, we matter, and we can affect great change on this earth, it all starts with the first step: the decision to work towards the betterment of ourselves and our world by leading as an example.

We have been convinced by society that we are merely an insignificant cog in larger, more important machine.

Yet, we all seem to have forgotten the unarguable truth that without the cogs, the individual parts of any machine, the machine would not function, or even exist at all.

People believe that even if they care about an issue and wanted to change something in the world, that their individual action is insignificant and will not make any difference; they see themselves as a weak force in a vastly overpowering world.

I’m here to remind you that this belief is false. Think about the many great souls who walked this earth and enacted a change in humanity’s consciousness. Were they much different from you? They ate food, slept, felt lazy sometimes and took craps, just like you. The difference was, that they knew their power, and they knew that It takes one person to begin spreading a message, in order for any change to occur on a large scale.

As the above quote reminds us, each of us connect daily with friends, family, and networks of people. The example you set forth in the world, the way you conduct your life and the actions you take sends a message out into the world with which you interact and it does form and shape the world and it’s people as you go.

Think about it, cultures are formed by individuals who make statements, through fashion, use of language, mentalities and ways of life: people begin to conform to the actions of individuals. The status quo is created by individuals, just like you, making choices and expressing their values to the world through their conduct.

With some time, by conveying to the world through your conduct and your words what you as an individual stand for, new ideas are spread and shared, higher standards of life are valued and created, and a better world is formed.

I included the above photograph that I took (hopefully all of you can read the text), not because I find the religious aspect necessarily significant, but to exemplify the point that ‘one solitary life,’ namely Jesus Christ, has had such an incredible impact on the world and it’s people. This was one, singular human being who had a radical message that he felt needed to be heard; the simple act of him voicing it and living his life as an example to those around him, drastically altered the world around him, for so many centuries after his death and to this day.

You may not be Jesus Christ, but you have just as much potential to impact the community around you as he did. Do not accept a way of life and a world that you believe is unjust and nonsensical. Accept what you cannot change, but actively work toward effecting positive changes whenever and wherever you can.

You can do it, it is all a matter of your own personal will: which is one of the most sacred gifts you have been equipped with in this lifetime.


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