A Healthy Dose of Not Giving a F#$k


Recently, I’ve been a bit down and stressed, and have been reflecting on the reasons why I feel that way. I’ve come to the conclusion that for me, and perhaps for any human to be happy in life, we must incorporate a healthy dose of not giving a f#$k into our daily outlook.

Why is it healthy to get rid of some of your giving a f#$ks? Well, I think it’s because in life, so much terrible shit could go wrong, so much amazing shit could happen, and there’s so much mundane shit in between… that we really needn’t spend our times worrying about what type of shit is going to go on tomorrow, or next week, or next year.

I realize that all of you probably know this already, but I s’pose what I’m getting at is, that you have to develop a sense of objectivity and a slight sense of carelessness if you don’t want to be affected by all of the crap that’s going on in the world or with the people around you. It’s never going to get less hectic… this is how it’s going to be, probably forever.

And would you really want to live a life of constant predictability?

I believe that if we look at the repeated history of the lives around us, we’d see that most often in life, if we had what we think we want or would make us happy, we wouldn’t be much happier anyways.

Think about obtaining the thing you want the most right now. Maybe this is a person you truly love, or an amazing place you’ve always wanted to live, maybe it’s a beautiful new house– it could be anything.

Now, think about having it. Do you really believe that after the first bit of time when you are relishing in your good fortune, that having this thing, or living this way would fundamentally change who you are and how you view life permanently? Do you really believe that it’s the person, or the object or the experience that changes you and makes you happier?

I think it’s most likely not the object, experience or person that made you happy, but that this happiness was merely always within, you just weren’t allowing yourself to feel it because you felt like you hadn’t “arrived yet.”

Well, I think the only time to arrive at happiness, is right now. Whether you have nothing or everything you’ve always wanted.

Anyways, the fact of the matter is that, if we gave a f#$k about everything, then we’d be pretty exhausted, drained creatures.

In many ways, living is trusting. It’s putting blind faith in life that it will lead you to where you need to be, wherever and whatever experience is necessary for your development as a soul, or as an individual.

I believe that we must sometimes experience great suffering in this life to develop into the soul that the universe has planned for us.

In the end, it is important and beneficial to keep in mind that all experiences, and everything in this life is transitory. Your deepest anguish and pain will pass as well as your most profound joy.

All things on this physical plane spring into existence, some last for a longer time than others, and all things die back into the mystery from whence they all were born.

It can be useful to alleviate our suffering when we keep this truth in mind– that each feeling or experience is not permanent.

So much is on the line everyday. Most of us don’t have neat, fool-proof lives that are secure against the risks of losing a job, economic hardships, emotional pain, the damage in personal relationships, and the list goes on.

This may not be your experience, and I may also be young and naive by saying this, but it seems as though those humans who give the most trust to the indescribable forces of the universe that decides our fates, are the ones that live with the most ease, humility, and acceptance, and the one’s that seem to never be lacking for what they truly need.

Perhaps the universe, or God, or whomever is orchestrating all of this madness, simply waits for us to become humble, and accepting of whatever may come our way. Perhaps we are supposed to find our duty in life, one that contributes positively to the community around us, and not fool ourselves into thinking we can micro-manage every aspect of our existence.

In conclusion, I hope all of you are able to find a sense of ease in your life, and a sense of acceptance towards all parts of life: those that contain the most obscure darkness, as well as those that reflect the purest light.


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