A Faithful Servent


Oh, why do you follow me everywhere I go?

I tried to escape you, to dodge you, to trick you into believing that I am not fit for your          pursuit.

But you are too sharp for me.

Lifetimes of shadowing the many

                           Aimless souls

Has rendered you keen.

Sometimes I think you have left me

And at times,

                         You have.

                  If only for a passing moment, or perhaps

                          A few hours.

But always, you return to my side

As the faithful servent

                  That I never              wanted.

          Only you do not serve me,

At least, I’ve always hoped

That you do not serve me.

Yet, perhaps, at times,

Your presence has been a guide.

I have stumbled upon

The thought

That you were at times like

A severely irksome,



                             That lead me to

The light

That was already within



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