Exploring Fear and Joy


Hello non-existent reader world!

Hmmmm, well I hope you all are having a lovely day today on this strange, blue-ish ball that we all occupy. Well, we all woke up this morning and we are still alive, so I guess that’s something!

For me, I usually wake up and think, meeehhhh I want to remain in dream world. Often, in periods of my life that are especially boring or unpleasant, I much prefer to remain in the painless, magical world of sleep and dream– don’t you? But isn’t it weird, that everyday we wake up and we disregard constantly how utterly magical and incredible it is that we even exist?

Okay, yeah, I know this all sounds like some trippy new-age BS, but I’m serious… why is it that so many of us are unhappy and we dislike our lives? Why is it that we care so much and allow so much to ‘get to us’ on a daily basis? Such as the mundane details of our jobs, something our partner said, some superfluous object that we can’t afford, that our thighs are getting a little chunky, and the list goes on and on.

Of course I am not saying and do not believe that none of you have real problems, because we all do, and we are entitled to grieve over painful situations in our lives. Yet, I am talking about the little stuff, the stuff that really doesn’t effing matter.

I personally think if we all (including myself) reflect more on the fact that we are GOING TO DIE, and that we COULD DIE any moment, that we’d all have an easier time letting go of the “small stuff.”

Now, for some people, death freaks them out a lot, and they’d really rather not think about it. I personally think though, that this fear may be an invitation for you, by exploring this matter, to let go and accept life more deeply and become a more peaceful human being. I’ve had many debilitating fears that I have held in my heart during my life, many of which I tried to avoid. Yet, one day I came across the phrase: “What you resist, persists.” From this phrase I started to reflect on the fact that my deepest fears really weren’t going to go away just because I suppressed them and did my absolute best to pretend they weren’t there.

I came to the conclusion that I really didn’t want to live in fear for my entire life, so I decided to face my fears head on. Of course this does not mean, if you have a fear of death you should actually physically face death. No, what I mean by “facing your fears” is in the mental sense.

I did this by, during sessions of meditation or just introspection, I actively focused on my fears in my mind and I questioned them. I questioned why I held these fears, and if I knew for a fact that what I feared was true. I also asked myself repeatedly what fear even was: I deeply explored the phenomenon of fear/anxiety arising in the body and the mind and I treated this phenomenon like a scientist observing something in the way of an experiment. By doing this, by objectively observing, I was able to detach and disidentify myself more from the fear and anxiety and see it for what it really was: an uncomfortable energy arising in the body triggered by a certain thought pattern. There were other questions I asked myself and other ways of exploring my fears in my mind, so if you have any questions about this technique, you can feel free to email me at jessco1020@yahoo.com. This form of meditation has helped me immensely to let go of many of my deepest fears.

Anyways, I’ve just been thinking a lot about why we allow ourselves to be miserable or even just live a blasé existence everyday when we could allow ourselves to be joyful over the simplest things: that we have food in our refrigerators, that we have jobs, that we have a roof over our heads, that we have people or even just one person in our lives who cares about us, that the sun is shining today, and even the fact that WE ARE ALIVE!

Of course, this simple, joyful perspective is not easy to attain, and I SURELY have not attained it. However, when I do reflect on these things and the many reasons there are to be joyful and grateful for life, I feel a pleasant stirring in my heart, and sometimes even a sense of happiness washes over me. I think that if we all actively focused more on the reasons it is so beautiful to be alive and all of the things we can be thankful for, that we could start to cultivate more peace and joy in our lives and even begin to let go of some of our stressors.

I hope you all out there, if there are any readers, find some joy in your heart- TODAY!


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